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What if I fail? .... But what if you fly?

What if I fail? But what if you fly?

Many students ask me about failure and how to avoid allowing it to stop you from chasing your dreams. I always tell them that the fear of failure itself is actually worse than the actual act of 'failing.'

I believe there is no such thing as real failure because every moment can be one that we learn from, apply to our next attempt, and use as a moment of sourcing strength. If an idea does not go according to plan, it allows for you to reinvent, innovate, and try again. Moments of perceived downfall should be used as moments of building strength, courage, and perseverance. Of course, I understand how painful rejection, 'failure,' and various other things feel. I fully believe you should allow yourself to feel that emotion, but do not let it become it. In life, it's the bounce back we make that matters more than anything. By allowing yourself to become the emotion of rejection and failure, we hold ourselves back because we then judge ourselves based on this. We have to separate the work from ourselves. It's important to understand that you had an idea that the idea was rejected, not you. The rejection of the concept does not mean that you are a failure; instead, that version did not work.

So my advice to anyone considering launching a business, launching a charity, a youtube channel, or whatever it may be; is to go for it. Do it. Act now! You never know what may happen. The best thing you can do for yourself and your dreams is to pursue them. I have always said that when life gives you lemons, we have to make the best lemonade that the world has ever tasted. It was a few years when I realised that life was unfair and that I could not choose the cards I was dealt with. It was then that I promised myself to always make the best of any and every situation, no matter how bad. The journey of looking at life with a 'glass half full, not half empty' mentality has not been comfortable. I often feel like giving up, but my desire to fulfill my dreams keeps me going.

Sidenote: I am also not saying that positive thinking will change people's situations completely. I understand that many circumstances are just entirely out of our control. I am speaking more about the moments that are slightly within our control. Moments where how we respond can alter the outcome. For example, those moments where our ideas face rejection, and we are put back to the drawing board. It's those moments that I believe a 'make lemons' and 'redirection' attitude can be helpful.

I guess what I am trying to say is to give your ideas and dreams a chance; you really never know what may happen. If by the end of trying you feel it just does not work and is not quite what you imagined, that's okay too. At least you now do not have to spend the next five or six months of life wondering what if. So, if you can, have the support and resources you may need, do it! Go and chase your dreams. You owe it to yourself. Don't ask 'what if I fail' ask yourself 'what if I fly'!

This article was written as part of the LinkedIn #Changemakers partnership – a 12-month campaign shining a spotlight on individuals who are using LinkedIn to drive genuine change in the world of work. To find out more about the partnership, read more here:

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