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  • Vee Kativhu

Learning new skills!

I’ve completed my independent research project!! 🎉💫 So another one of the things I was up to during my 2 months offline was taking part in this a voluntary Research Practicum with the Center for Global Development on girl's education. (I wanted to learn more about education policy so took it ‘for fun’)

The research and report we were producing was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and centred around analyzing international donor investments in girls’ education over the past 20 years to identify trends and examine the extent to which donor financing has aligned with evidence related to improving girls’ education.

I had a good time reading documents from the World Bank and the FCDO to extract info that tracked the impact of the donations and checking whether different countries were initiating & funding projects that met/ did not meet their goals for universal education + how far they prioritised girls and the learning crisis.

I learned how to conduct document analysis, code policy documents developed an understanding in reviewing international donor project documents & overall trends in investments in girls education. I’m just super chuffed to have been part of such an incredible team and learning so much. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.

I just can't wait to continue learning new skills that I can use in the future when I end up going into the education policy field. I really hope to work with others who are striving for generational change that can address the learning crisis for girls. This research really helped me understand the complex nature of it all.

What new skills have you been learning or want to learn this 2021.

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