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Africa is bleeding.

I am just so heartbroken by what is happening on my home continent right now. It’s all becoming just too much. My heart is extremely broken by the current situation that Nigeria is in. I honestly cannot believe what my eyes are seeing. We must continue the fight to #endsars and end it now. It just does not make sense that so many innocent lives are been lost every HOUR right NOW because the government will not put an end to a unit that is using it's power to terrorise the citizens of the country. People are literally been shot in broad daylight, unarmed and unprovoked and no one is been held accountable.

The we move to Zimbabwe? My beautiful but broken country of birth. I pray for our healing and I pray for it now. It’s been too long. Too long we’ve suffered at the hands of our government and those in control. These are the results of the systems left in place after colonialism and also the results of corrupt systems and leaders. If it’s not teachers suffering, it’s nurses, if not nurses it’s the girls, if not girls it’s those who speak up, if not those who speak up it’s those who are most vulnerable. It’s every corner of society been silenced time and time again because of the systems we have in place. & we’ve had enough. I also must recognise that there are many organisations and people in power who are doing good and positive things but sadly that good is been outshone by the bad and thus we see immense suffering at every angle. #zimbabweanlivesmatter🇿🇼

What’s happening in Congo, Namibia, South Africa and many more other African countries right now is also so so heartbreaking and I don’t even know how we are supposed to comprehend so much loss, oppression and heartache at one time. This is happening RIGHT NOW. Today. This very hour. So many lives lost TODAY and I just don't know how we can stop it all, but I know that sharing this post may help with forming ideas and coming together to act. #congoisbleeding #shutitdownnamibia #endpolicebrutalityinzambia #stopgbv

I just can’t believe that people are not been held accountable for these atrocious crimes against humanity. I cannot believe now much pain and suffering our continent is going through right now. My heart is aching. Africa is bleeding and I feel so helpless. I’ve signed petitions. I’ve researched where to donate. But non of it feels like it’s enough. I wish there was more we could. How do I use this platform to do more? How do we help restore what has gone so so wrong? Citizens been treated and shot down like animals? By the people who are supposed to protect them? I just don’t understand. #endpolicebrutality #endsars NOW. 😩😩 Nigeria!😩 Zimbabwe😩 Congo 💔 Africa😩💔💔💔💔💔

This article was written as part of the LinkedIn #Changemakers partnership – a 12-month campaign shining a spotlight on individuals who are using LinkedIn to drive genuine change in the world of work. To find out more about the partnership, read more here:

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